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#1 What is one aspect you enjoy about your ethnicity?
#2 What is something you get ridiculed about being your ethnicity?

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Are you the first generation of your family born and/or raised in America? If so, When did your family arrive here and what did they have to do come here?


1)Why do different religions/cultures/races have so many different types of superstitions? Tell me some of what you believe or have heard of?

2)We grow up with different perspective of things in life, who here has ever visited and tasted the life your parents have lived in and how they strived to provide a better life for you? basically who has lived and experienced their roots?

Telling Your Story!!

Everyones story was special because it was their own personal experience or something that makes them who they are... Not saying one was better than another but, which telling your story part 2 presentation was your favorite and why? Did it affect you in any way? How can you compare it to your own story?

My story part 3

I am writing this to share something with each of you.. To me education is a much needed tool to have. Not just classroom education but things we can't learn solely in a classroom. Education and knowledge we gain from each other. For those of you who listened to my stories or the stuff I have shared in class there is another side of me known of you don't know. What you don't know is that for my first 1yr and 6months of going to school I was homeless living in parks, under freeways, on the beach and in a homeless shelter waiting for a spot in student housing to open up. The above picture is where i slept for most of the time. It got extremely cold and I showered on the beach or use baby wipes to try and keep clean. The sad part was I had a job but didn't make enough for the 1st, last, and deposit for a place, nor could I come up with money for a place on craigslist. Most nights I spent freezing cold, sitting doing homework at the nearest Internet cafe' simply trying to stay warm and dreading going on the beach. This part of my life is very significant because I would not let my situation dictate what happened, I was going to continue school no matter what obstacles came in my way. Why am I sharing this with all of you? Simply because this is a part of my story that I didn't get time to share. I am not ashamed to admit I have been homeless, nor does it effect me in a negative way. I stuck it out and I finally got a spot in student housing and was able to move from the beach.

While living on the beach I had maintained a 4.0 and never missed a day of school. I also worked at the school and became a R.A. (resident assistant) in charge of making sure new students got moved into student housing and the transition into student life went well for them. I also counseled many students and have shared my story with many who will listen. The moral of this story is simple. Never give up hope and just like our ancestors who came here looking for a better life for themselves and the future generations of our family I strive to do the same.

I hope to keep in contact with as many of my classmates as I can. Feel free to email me at or text me at 408 - 963 - 8305

Thank you,


After the class

As the class is winding down extremely fast I want to say thank you to all that I have worked with and to those that have shared their stories in class. Each and everyone of us has participated and I have learned so much from each of you. I hope that all who read this keep in contact and we can continue to build our friendships and not just be people that had a class together.

My question is this..

What will each of you try to do to keep in contact with classmates that have become friends, and what would you say is the memorable part of class for you?

Questions About this class

So the final is coming up and after that, we won't be able to meet as a class anymore, so I guess I should ask, what topic(s) did you guys enjoy the most in this class? What did you learn from taking this class?

Optional questions:
-Memorable days?
-Let's be friends? Haha just kidding, No one would want to be my friend XD

Question: Taking off your shoes?

For those who are unfamiliar with Asian culture, it is disrespectful to walk around someone's house with your shoes off. Since I was taught that growing up, it's a habit for me to take off my shoes before entering a house regardless if the family is Asian or not. For those who are Asian, do you also do this when entering a house regardless if the family is Asian or not? For those who aren't Asian and or do not practice this, what are your opinions?
What is something that you did not know about the Asian American culture before taking this class? Has this new information you learned effected your daily life in anyway?
What kind of image do Asian Youtubers give off for Asians? Does this change anything about how others may view the Asian culture?
What are your opinions on gay marriage in California?

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Do you think hatred toward a certain race is right or wrong?
What do you think about race and class in America?

Something to think about...

In this class we have learned many things about not only our culture by many others. How will you take what you have learned and build from that knowledge, and how has this experience from class effected you in a positive way? More importantly then that how will you pass this experience on to someone else?


How important is knowing how to speak your ethnic language to you?

Do you think people generally look down on people who don't know how to speak their ethnic language? Why?

Interracial Dating

From Joseph Nguyen:

Do you feel your parents would be okay with interracial dating for you?

Gay Marriage

From Joseph Nguyen:

What are your parent's opinions on gay marriage?

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From Kate McCracken

We have talked a lot about stereotypes in class, have you ever been
stereotyped? What were your feelings about the situation?

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2 Blog Questions

Do you think that culture and race are intertwined? That people of certain nationalities are best fit with the culture of those nationalities?

What are some differences between 1st-generation Asian-Americans and 2nd-generation ones in their life habits and social behavior?

Youtube Presentation

Our group chose Peter Chao's Youtube channel.

What I found interesting was that he makes many connections to the Chinese/Asian audience: there are many subtle references that only people who have lived in Asia (or have Asian parents) would understand, he refers to himself as "Chinese Guy" in most of his videos, and he talks in a Chinese accent.

Essay Question

How is Angel Island Immigration Station an example of something that resulted in the Chinese-American culture being hindered?

2 Blog Questions

1. What can we do to help stop racism?

2. How do you feel about interracial marriages/ relationships?

Is there any successful assimilation cases in the world ?

Is there any successful assimilation cases in the world ?

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What if stereotypes can be eliminated?

If stereotypes can be wiped out from the face of earth, would you want that? And how would the world be like without it?

What are pros and cons about stereotypes?

For example:

Pros: A good material for comedy.

Cons: Assumptions made by stereotypes are not always correct and may result in a bad outcome.

I would like to know what other people can come up with.


im not seeing lots of posts to comment on to get the full 10 so....


what do u think of the word "fob"? how are they depicted and in what context are they being used in?

Mixed Asians.

If you are more than one Asian or any other race, what do you do to exemplify both? Or do you lean more towards one?


so i went to eat at chipotle, and bought a steak bowl.. the guy before me (of spanish descent) got a bowl as well. His bowl was stacked up from rice to beans to meat..coo! when mine came, i got less than half a bowl, minimum amounts of beans, sauces, corn.... i had to ask for more rice and ingredients.. which in turn made me feel super-cheap-asian... any thoughts?

You Tube Channel

my group and I have decided to do our presentation on the Happy Slip channel. Christine Gambito exemplifies much of filipino stereotypes and generational differences

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Please give feedback about our Peter Chao presentation. I am curious...

Cross Culture

So i see generation gaps can be a huge problem in society. However I think there might be a bigger problem with culture clashing. Of course the 2 mixed together is just havoc, but i think culture clash sucks.. IF ya dunno what im talkin bout: if you are chinese and walk into your parents house, and you're automatically in China, thats what im talkin about. It seems to me that the different ethics and morals between 2 different cultures are really hard for first gen Asian Americans (or any other type of American [except American American] for that matter). Anyone have this problem? Anyone Asian and take off their shoes in a Caucasian's house? Or ask for forks eating pho (for non-Asians)?

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"For the Women"

For my analytical essay (from hecka days ago, I know), my topic was analyzing the poem by Dawn Mabalon called "For the Women." Long essay short, I just went through her poem and analyzed the way she structured it and also the messages she was conveying. For example, she really stressed how much she respected these Filipino women who left their easier life in the Philippines to come to a country where they would have to do backbreaking work and suffer discrimination... all for the sake of providing a better future for their future generations.

It really struck me when I did this paper how sacrificial their generation was and how our generation now really struggles with taking things for granted and feeling entitled to all the resources we have, when it was really because of the great sacrifice of the previous generation to build these things up for us.

(Sorry for the double posting guys! Just wanted to get my top required posts out of the way before the weekend!) :)

Who is Stereotyping Who?

Our group did a presentation on Yourchonny's "What NOT to say to Asian Parents" video. After doing a presentation on this video, I started thinking about all these stereotypes that asians hold onto, especially the stereotype of being solely focused on grades at the expense of everything else.

Do you think that this stereotype is more enforced by NON-ASIANS or by ASIANS?

Because for many other stereotypes, it's usually repeated a lot by the other races, for example, it is usually other races that refer to Mexicans as "gardeners." Yet, it sometimes seems like it is Asians who make fun of Asians the most. That we're the one who make a bajillion movies talking about our parents our our heritage. I dunno, just a thought!

Are there any disadvantages of Assimilation?

From Sheila Ramos: Should illegal immigrants who contribute to society be deported?

From Sheila Ramos: what struggles do illegal immigrants face in america?

Generation Gaps

In class, we're always discussing how there is a difference between generations. However, how many of us have actually tried to bridge the gap between the different generations in our own family? Have you talked to your grandparents or even your parents, lately?

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YouTube Video Quality

With today's modern technology, many households have affordable access to high quality cameras. Would you watch an entire upload on YouTube with low video quality? (e.g. grainy picture and/or poor sound) If so, what would the video have to possess in order to keep your interest?

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As we watched Peter Chao, we found his accent to be appealing and captured the attention of his audience.. His points are about family, himself, politics, other videos on youtube.. almost anything of controversy. We are trying to find his portrayal of asian americans/ asian canadians.

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Youtube Group Assignment

My group chose Wong Fu Productions.
What I find interesting about Wong Fu Productions is that they create many different types of videos from different genres instead of only focusing on one genre.

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Youtube Channel

For our youtube channel, my group chose Peter Chao's channel.

What I found interesting was that for every video, he used a very asian/chinese accent. It seemed like he tried to do every chinese stereotype in most of his videos as well.


If you have noticed, Asians are hardly portrayed in the media other than as their stereotypical counterparts. Examples to illustrate this point:
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Although it was set in Japan and there were a number of Japanese extras, the main character was a white man, and the Japanese characters were viewed in a semi-stereotypical light.
The Ninja Assassin and Rush Hour movies: Although there is an Asian man as the main character, they are seen in the same light everyone knows them to be - karate/kung fu fighters and ninjas.
Why is it like that? How do we change it?

L.A. Riots

How did the L.A. riots change the face of the city? Did it have impact ont he United States as a whole?

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Essay Question

Why is homosexuality in the Philippines so common as opposed to other countries?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Essay Question

Why there were many Chinese people move to the US 1901 -1904 ?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essay question

How assimilation, preservation, and transformation affect culture and traditions??

Modern Korean Entertainment

From Kate:

How has the modern entertainment business helped the Korean economy and what does the elder generation think about the new take on the entertainment industry?

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Should people be deported???

If you were involved in policy-making in the Department of immigration, What program would you design to help those undocumented immigrant?

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Essay Question

What were some of the hardships Chinese faced while immigrating to the US and when arriving?
How did the Japanese-Americans cope with the change of treatment from others during World War II?

Monday, November 7, 2011

What are some ways the Japanese-Americans dealt with discrimination in the US before/during/after the internment camps?

Essay Question

What kind of injustice/discrimination did Japanese-Americans face before, during, and after internment?

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Racial stereotypes

Is it okay to laugh at comedy based on racial stereotypes if it is funny?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For those who experienced any culture shocks

What way(s) or procedure(s) did you do in order to cope with cultural assimilation within that particular culture?

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Do you/ how do you maintain connections in your lifestyle? What do you do to make it fit your schedule?

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Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai's "Making Guacamole"

What are three words in the poem that jump out at you?  Why are the words important to you and why do you think they caught your attention?


Please write a few sentences in the comments section below to introduce yourself to your classmates.