Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Culture and Foods!

What is your favorite part about your culture/ethnicity?
What is one thing you dislike about your culture/ethnicity?
What is one thing people give you a hard time because of your culture/ethnicity?


  1. My favorite part of my culture is how everyone keeps the family unit. The one part I would say I dislike would have to be how people are looked down upon for some of the jobs they do. The one thing people give me a hard time about because of my culture would be how we (ethnic group) supposedly take their jobs away.

  2. i like the fact that my ethnicity does karaoke. its pretty common for all filipinos to have the "magic mic" and some drinks to have some fun.
    the thing i dislike about my ethnicity is probably the stereotypes that we have. (dog eater, smart ass, etc.)
    everyone expects me to be smart just cause im asian or filipino.

  3. For me what I like about my culture is the moto "we need to stick together". Well its not really spoken but thats how I feel. We have lots of family reunion and see each other frequently so I like that. What I dislike is the pressure they give us, like things they expect us to do or be like.