Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Blog Questions

1. What can we do to help stop racism?

2. How do you feel about interracial marriages/ relationships?


  1. For question 1, in order to stop racism I think its important to learn about the culture and understand some of their traditions. You have to see their life through their eyes in a way. Try to experience what they do in their lives go out and have some of their food, look at the fashion, learn and take in everything.
    For question 2, I feel fine about interracial marriages/relationships I think their is nothing wrong with, take for example someone who is Mexican and someone who is Japanese and have them date. I have no problem with that actually if you marry someone who is from a different part of the world its a way to learn about a new place in the world. You can experience new things and learn more.

  2. stop racism, I think the only way to do is only to change the mind set.Because it all depends on our mindset.
    2.i feel that interracial marriages doesn't have any problem. It is fine for me

  3. 1. To stop racialism, i think we should know more about each background. Also, we have to clear our mind set such as stereotype.

    2. I think interracial marriages doens't have any problem at all.

  4. I think racism will always be around. The only way for it not to occur anymore is if everyone was really mixed. I think a way we can help it right now is to educate people about different cultures and how amazing each one is.

    I think as long as both parties are happy, interracial couples are just the same as same race couples.

  5. 1. Well there are going to be people out there that would be racist and it would be hard to convince them otherwise, gotta take baby steps, racism has been around for a while and it won't just disappear so quickly.

    2. Interracial marriages in my opinion are cool

  6. 1. I think that racism isn't something that can be completely stopped. There will always be people that think less of other races.

    2. I don't think there's anything wrong with interracial marriages. I actually think that they're beneficial to society because it shows that different races can live and love in harmony.

  7. 1. by focusing on bigger problems such as society than at each other.

    2. there isn't anything wrong with interracial marriages, just because two people don't come from the same background doesn't mean they aren't less in love than anyone else.