Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cross Culture

So i see generation gaps can be a huge problem in society. However I think there might be a bigger problem with culture clashing. Of course the 2 mixed together is just havoc, but i think culture clash sucks.. IF ya dunno what im talkin bout: if you are chinese and walk into your parents house, and you're automatically in China, thats what im talkin about. It seems to me that the different ethics and morals between 2 different cultures are really hard for first gen Asian Americans (or any other type of American [except American American] for that matter). Anyone have this problem? Anyone Asian and take off their shoes in a Caucasian's house? Or ask for forks eating pho (for non-Asians)?


  1. I can definitely agree with "walk into your parents house and you're automatically in [your country]" which mine would be Japan.
    I talk in English at school, but when I go home, I speak in Japanese, even though we're in America.
    But I mix them a lot sometimes.
    Sometimes I use chopsticks, but sometimes prefer forks when eating.
    However, I don't see it as a problem though. We just need to be extra careful when we step into other people's land.

  2. I can agree because I am Chinese as well but its because we are in America and theres so many different cultures around that everywhere we go there will be a culture clash.