Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Essay Question

What were some of the hardships Chinese faced while immigrating to the US and when arriving?


  1. i think one of the biggest things was Angel island. This is where the immigrants were kept if they were denied citizenship or denied access to america. This caused a lot of deaths of the chinese people

  2. Chinese Americans faced a number of adversities. They had come to America in hopes for a better life and prosperity. The outcome was much more different. They were put into remedial jobs in agriculture, and along the railroads. Their pay was much smaller and they often faced harsh conditions.
    Also, white people believed that jobs belonged to “Americans” and should be taken away from Chinese immigrants. There were hate crimes against them and a law was soon passed against them – the Chinese Exclusion Act which barred the majority of Chinese immigrants from entering the United States.

  3. they faced discrimination because Americans thought they were a competition and that Americans were using them as leverages to the depressed wages and work environment