Thursday, December 1, 2011

"For the Women"

For my analytical essay (from hecka days ago, I know), my topic was analyzing the poem by Dawn Mabalon called "For the Women." Long essay short, I just went through her poem and analyzed the way she structured it and also the messages she was conveying. For example, she really stressed how much she respected these Filipino women who left their easier life in the Philippines to come to a country where they would have to do backbreaking work and suffer discrimination... all for the sake of providing a better future for their future generations.

It really struck me when I did this paper how sacrificial their generation was and how our generation now really struggles with taking things for granted and feeling entitled to all the resources we have, when it was really because of the great sacrifice of the previous generation to build these things up for us.

(Sorry for the double posting guys! Just wanted to get my top required posts out of the way before the weekend!) :)


  1. When I think about the life my grandma and my mom had before coming to America, I would undoubtedly say that they had to give up a lot more than me. As well as the author, I highly respect them for it. I would say that the reason for this is the times. Times are different now, but I am also thankful for the past to make the future as easy as it is now. The world is a lot better too.

  2. This is actually happened to me and my family. After the riot in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 1998, our good life turn into an ashes and dust. Our restaurant burned down and our life turned upside down. That's why we came here as a seeker of political asylum in the U.S otherwise we could killed in the riot. We sacrifice a lots of thing, our home, friends and family. We have to start our life from the bottom. All I can say it is not easy especially for my mom and my dad. They have to work like a slave in here to be able to survive because they do not speak any English. Life's getting better each day and we can only Thank God for His mercy.