Thursday, November 10, 2011

Modern Korean Entertainment

From Kate:

How has the modern entertainment business helped the Korean economy and what does the elder generation think about the new take on the entertainment industry?

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  1. The modern Korean entertainment business has done splendidly to improve Korea's government and also to aid in providing an image to Asian girls and boys on what the definition of beautiful is. It's incredible to see that, out of all the types of Asians that there are, Koreans definitely have the most sway when it comes to popular media.

    I think that, for the older generation, it is disconcerting to watch as the younger generation of Koreans (and Asians in general) begin to head towards the American standard of beauty. This is shown the best through the leg-lengthening surgery as statistics show more and more Asian girls/singers are getting this surgery because they believe that long legs entail beauty. Obviously, since the majority of Asians are short, this standard of beauty is stemming from the American/white definition of beauty. I think that the older generation of Koreans (and other Asians) are probably angered/saddened by this to a certain extent, but because of the language barriers that exist, they may not be able to show their emotions properly and may just come off judgmental/narrow-minded to the younger generations.