Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Questions About this class

So the final is coming up and after that, we won't be able to meet as a class anymore, so I guess I should ask, what topic(s) did you guys enjoy the most in this class? What did you learn from taking this class?

Optional questions:
-Memorable days?
-Let's be friends? Haha just kidding, No one would want to be my friend XD


  1. Hopefully you got a laugh from that, if not then I have failed as a comedian, not that I was much of one to begin with!

    But in all seriousness I suppose I shall post since I'm sure a lot of people have already commented 10 times in previous posts by others, wouldn't want this post feeling lonely now!

    To be honest I can't really decide which topic I enjoyed most, not saying it was not interesting, in fact I thought it was interesting learning about different time periods for different races and how life was different for each of them.

    I had an idea of how hard life was for Asian Americans years ago, but after going in depth I learned about the different interment camps and about the Chinese Exclusion Act

    I liked the telling your story part two presentations, it's always interesting to hear where people come from and about things that they enjoyed when they were young, or are currently interested in. Some presentations had me feel nostalgic being able to walk down memory lane. Everyone is unique in their own aspects!

  2. I actually enjoy our quizzes a bit more? I know its strange but during quizzes I feel like everyone is striving for something and everyone kind of bonds. Its a great atmosphere and learning environment.