Tuesday, December 13, 2011


1)Why do different religions/cultures/races have so many different types of superstitions? Tell me some of what you believe or have heard of?

2)We grow up with different perspective of things in life, who here has ever visited and tasted the life your parents have lived in and how they strived to provide a better life for you? basically who has lived and experienced their roots?

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  1. In general I believe that superstitions are just stories that have been passed on for so long that up to now have been revised so much to more than what it really was.

    However, a superstition that I have heard of was "Nuno Sa Punso" which means, "Unseen underground little creature". This is in the Philippines. My mom told me these creatures live in open areas where people don't walk through and if you happen to step on one you'll get sick. So when I visited the Philippines I was told that whenever I walk through open areas like that I have to say "excuse me" so that they know that I am there and will move out of my way so I don't step on them.