Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Blog Questions

Do you think that culture and race are intertwined? That people of certain nationalities are best fit with the culture of those nationalities?

What are some differences between 1st-generation Asian-Americans and 2nd-generation ones in their life habits and social behavior?


  1. I'm just gonna answer the second question... For me, I've always have had conflicts with my parents because I feel like they don't understand where I'm coming from because they were raised and grew up in a totally different culture than I was. While some of my friends are out having fun, I wouldn't be allowed out because my parents wanted me to stay home and study because its a weekday or something like that. It's hard for us to understand each other and come to agreements.

  2. towards the second question, 1st gen asian americans tend to know their roots of how hard their parents worked to provide the american dream for the 1st gen asian americans to live in, as for the 2nd gen their parents were raised in the u.s. so they are more americanized and blend into their suroundings more.