Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who is Stereotyping Who?

Our group did a presentation on Yourchonny's "What NOT to say to Asian Parents" video. After doing a presentation on this video, I started thinking about all these stereotypes that asians hold onto, especially the stereotype of being solely focused on grades at the expense of everything else.

Do you think that this stereotype is more enforced by NON-ASIANS or by ASIANS?

Because for many other stereotypes, it's usually repeated a lot by the other races, for example, it is usually other races that refer to Mexicans as "gardeners." Yet, it sometimes seems like it is Asians who make fun of Asians the most. That we're the one who make a bajillion movies talking about our parents our our heritage. I dunno, just a thought!


  1. If I have to choose a side, I think it's more enforced by Asians, because we know ourselves better. One time, I had an Asian friend who I discussed about my grades dropping and he joked around saying "Don't worry, you'll probably have all A's and if your grade really drop, it'll probably like an A-, cause you're Asian."

  2. i feel like when people are grouped, the stereotypes are brought up and reinforced more; but when theres mixed groups where the idea of stereotypes are sometimes passed, but not all the time... but this is how word gets out and when we get back into our individual race groups, we tend to joke bout em =P

  3. Through my experiences, I would believe that the NON-ASIANS create this stereotype. A few years ago, I was in Madera, and it was not a dominate Asian area. In fact, it wasn't very diverse. We went to eat at Ihop and as we left, the Caucasian guy at the door bowed to us and said "Xie Xie" to us. That is "thank you" in Mandarin Chinese. He immediately racially profiled us without knowing what our actual ethnic background is. My family does not even speak Mandarin.

    I honestly believe it's the Non-Asians that stereotype this because they don't have knowledge of it. They weren't exposed to it, so what they do is portray it with that they know. In my opinion, it is a bit ignorant to do so. However, I also believe that stereotypes are also based on some fact. So I don't really have a definite answer, but if i were to lean in a direction, it would be towards Non-Asians.

  4. I think stereotypes always have truth behind it. If a ethnicity is being stereotyped then the group has to have done the action multiple times and can possibly be still on going. Whether or not Asians or non-Asians create stereotypes is something im not sure of. I think that both groups do equal shares but Asians at times can make fun of stereotypes more but that doesn't mean that they start them.