Monday, December 5, 2011

What are pros and cons about stereotypes?

For example:

Pros: A good material for comedy.

Cons: Assumptions made by stereotypes are not always correct and may result in a bad outcome.

I would like to know what other people can come up with.


  1. Pros: It is easy for me to define their background.

    Cons: People might get offended.

  2. Pros: They can be used to laugh at your own race, to a certain extent
    Cons: People apply them to the whole race

  3. Pros: Helps us understand more about their culture. Can sometimes be accurate.
    Cons: Can sometimes not be accurate. Its half and half. Other con would be we might be rash to shut others out of our lives because of stereotypes.

  4. Pros: Like Merli said, its a helpful way to define their background and like Thuy said helps us understand more about their culture.
    Cons: The cons to this are someone might be hurt by it, your making assumptions about the person based on their background that might always hold true.

  5. Pros: helps us know more about the culture and being able to laugh about it

    cons: when applied to entire race

  6. Pros: I think it helps us to be cautious about people of different cultures before we meet them. For example, people talk about taking shoes of before going into Asian people's houses but that is actually true.

    Cons: It can be bad because it might make you judge someone totally off of false claims.